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Shit son [Sep. 18th, 2008|02:42 am]
Man, I only get to post this shit once a week.
I just got back in my dorm; I was gonna make eggs, but it's 2fuckin45.
Let's recap from where we last left off.
Friday, I had class and then everyone was chilling. I was doing homework when Sean busted in and was like, we're going for a walk. I told him to let me finish my chapter and we'd go.So I finished fifteen minutes later and go to his room and Wes has bustd out some booze, so they're already steaming towards getting shitfaced. So much for a walk. It was supposed to be Tracee's bachelorette party, but wes showed up with booze and half the floor got drunk. Ali and I were watching this fucked up Alice video that's stopmotion with Abdul, then some AMVs and finally the LOst Boys. Bethanies and Kai joined us, and then so did Alicia and Zach. Then we watched Nightmare Before Christmas, and Jerry showed up. After Nightmare, everyone left but Kai and we talked about shit until like, 4 in the morning.
Saturday, I woke up at 12:45. Da Fuck? I made pancakes and it was nasty and rainy out, so we went to the mall, ALicia, Ali, Wes, Kai, and I. I wanted to be these dope ass shoes from SHi, but we were leaving. Wes was pissing me off, and kept making comments and shit. Igot really fucking irritated and everyone could tell. I guess later he told Kai and Zach that THEY were iritating me but no. Then we came home and I went down to Tracee's room, cause Aisha said some weird shit happened last night between her and sean. SO Jenelle and I went down there with Aisha, and Lindsay was comming upstairs with laundry. Apparently sean passed out in Tracee's room. SO we hung for like 5 hours while they got ready to go to the ice breaker. I'm learning ebonics. I know a stack, caking, buggaboo, CPT. It's funny shit. Tracee's so cute. Her room is decorated HelloKitty. It reminds me of Irene. We watched dance videos of the spongebob and boys hip rolling. It was fukcing weird. I just kept laughing. Then Lindsay and I left to go eat dinner,and Bethanie, Kai, Zach, and Jerry came over and made hotdogs/played guitarhero/watched Sweeney Todd. Somewhere in this time, Sean came home and told us about how he was fucked up last night and wandered down to division and somebody tried to strangle him. He's got thesebig ass bruises on his neck. Everyone left around three.
Sunday, I got up at 11 and did homework pretty much all day. I edited Kai's paper and it was pretty chill. Hung out with Bethanie and Jenelle for a while.
MOnday was class. I fell asleep during my first lecture, so I went to Danielle's to take a nap, but we just ended up talking about shit. We got lunch and watched War of the Worlds with Jeff and Josh before Jeffand I had to go to Philosophy. Pretty uneventful day. Came home; apparently sean fell asleep on the bus and woke up back at Pew Campus. Silly boy. I was in a weird, tired mood. I was talking with Kai and Bethanie, I think. Then Lindsay showed up to return Batman, and we talked about pretty boys and Jared Leto, and asked if we got MTV, because her TV is all screwed up. It was just set wrong, so Kai fixed it. Her friend's band was on the hills. Dope. I went to sleep at a reasonable time...not really, I just played spidersolitaire all night.
Tuesday was an 8 AM lab and ended at 9"30 PM. I didn't actually make it to my room until almost 1 in gthe morning. Sean kidnapped me to talk while he did his still lives, and then Ali came in to work on her shift things. Then Jerry showed up, and Zach came home from wrok all pissed cause he lost his wallet. We ate chips and I played with Jerry's hair, cause it felt really nice. Jenelle came in with Tracee and Aisha. We hung until almost 2.
Today was sweet. Had class. Fell asleep in lecture. Went to lunch with Danielle, COurtney, and Zach.I was almost late to philosophy. Came home and took a nap, fucked with my computer,cleaned my room and did laundry. Forgot to eat, like a dumbass. Watched project runway and videochatted with my mom. Then I went in the hall coz Kai and Zack needed Seran WRap. Talked to Matt HUck on the phone. Sat in the commons and laughed like morons. No seran wrap, but phone tricks. ENded up in Jenelle's, dancing to music and coloring Obama shit. Jerry is my gay best friend. We're going shopping tomorrow. Sean and Wes turned up drunk. Sean lifted me over his head and almost dropped me, but I was more concerned with my pants falling down. He kept apologizing for almost dropping me. Bethanie and Abdul and Kai showed up and we chilled and took pics and threw knives. Zach brought me a hat, I looked gangsta. More pics and loud noises. Zach had to Carry sean back to their room. SOmehow we migrated there and Tracee and Aishashowed up. Bethanie, Abdul, and Ali left. Sean was eating cereal and Wes was crying. Sean did some very odd things and told me some very sweet things. He's such a sweetheart, but I get so worried if he's okay. It feels like I've known him forever. He kept apologizing and hugging me. We watched Tracee do the Napoleon Dynamite dance. Soeffing funny. Wes left, then Jenelle andKai and Ali. Sean needed to go to bed, but he didn't want to be alone, so he kept asking Zach if he couldsleep on the floor in his room. Then he asked if I wanted to sleep in his bed and he'd sleep on the floor. I was so trashed. Jerry, Aisha, Tracee and I started to leave, but we were still talking to Zach. Tracee and Aisha left and went to the commons, and Jerry got some cereal. We went to talk in the commons and found shit people needed. Jerry went to bed and Tracee, Aisha and I took the stuff back to Zach's. Sean was in bed now, and he kept asking me to stay there. I felt so bad. Aisha's mom called, so she left, and Zachand Tracee and I were at my room, and Zach checked for people in the bathroom. Tracee wrote lyrics on my board, then she had to go to bed. She has class at 8 tomorrow. I sent Zach to make sure Sean was okay, then I finally sat down. Good fucking day.

-somewhere along the way was a hookah, and Jenelle and I wanna learn to blow smoke rings, but it's a really bad idea. We might actually try it though.