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So, today I didn't have school. I woke up at ten and took a shower… - fashionxxvictim [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 12th, 2008|01:06 am]
[Current Location |Winter Hall 433]
[Current Music |CNN]

So, today I didn't have school.
I woke up at ten and took a shower and got ready, then cleaned my entire apartment for an hour.
I took out the trash and recycling and decided to go to Target and Meijer for groceries and such. I got direction, but I was trying to get there, discovered that a building burned down a few days ago. This is a very distracting sight, thus I missed my turn, not even realizing it was the correct street. However, I didn't loose much time, and bought a white board and stapler and a toaster from target, and a picture frame from the dollar store, and groceries from Meijer. All of the Meijers over here are really nice, and the people are all very nice as well. It's very odd, but in a good way.
SO I came home and Sean and Zach were hanging in the commons, so I put my stuff away and went to chill with them out there. Zach had class at 4, so he and Wes left. Sean got bored of studying and we decided to walk to the gas station. Well, there isn't anything at the gas station, so we ended up just walking downtown, finding the church we saw with Kai. It was day, and I wanted to go in, so Sean was like okay, and we walked up these really steep steps and were joking around that we were going to marriage counseling. So we get inside, and it's pitch black. We go through these really heavy doors, and another set, being really quite because it was dark and freaky. So we were just standing in the doorway, and it was really cool inside, with a big oragn and very traditional. Then I heard a rustling noise around us, and it wasn't sean and it wasn't me, so he was like, we need to leave, so we turn and open the first door really quietly. I was trying to get the second door open, but it wouldn't budge, so he kind of hit it and made a really loud noise and we BOLTED outside. That church is freaking haunted. So of course, we took pics with it and walked down this creepy path. Then we went to GRCC, and we were gonna go see the burned building, but he had to go to a job training thing at 5:30, so we went home and I chilled with Bethanie for a while, doing some reading. Then everyone was in the hall again, and we went to study in the commons, Sean and Jerry came back. Then Sean and Abdul went to get groceries and Zach and I listened to Spice Girls and Avenue Q. Then Jerry finished his shower and we went to play guitar hero. Suddenly, a bazillion kids were in my room and I painted Abdul's name and put eyeshadow on him (I got pics) and we ate pizza.
Then Lindsay came over with her friend to see if I had any funny movies, but I didn't, so they borrowed batman. We talked about concerts and flying and jobs. During this time, all of the sheets were ripped off my bed and Sean fell asleep in a pile of pillows. He was a bit out of it, so Zachtook him to bed, coz he didn't have his key (They're roommates, not gay, just so you know). Then Ed, A, and Tracee went to study. We played guitar hero for a while, and Ally and Kai joined us before we all realized it was one in the morning, and needed sleep.
It was an interesting day.