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whatupgvsu? [Sep. 8th, 2008|12:11 am]
pretty busy weekend here.

Friday, Went to Meijer after class and grabbed some groceries. Danielle and CHelsea came downtown and we walked around downtown. They were celebrating the river, it was like their sterlingfest. SO, we came back to my sorm and chilled for a bit, then they left for ALlendale. Sean and I were chilling in my room watching TV when Danielle called and said they needed a ride since the buses weren't running. They were, but it was minimal schedule or something. SO I came home and chilled with Bethanie and we went and met some kids at the far end. Hung out with Nick's roomie Abdul, who is totally badass. His jaw is wired shut coz he broke it playing bball, but he gets it off in three weeks. He can only drink ensure and stuff. Bummer. SO, we hung with him and Zack, Sean's roomie, and I swiffered his floor and then fireworks were happening, so we ran downstairs and watched. Then we came back up and Nick was in his room, doing stuff, abdul just hung with me and we played Guitarhero. I totally owned him. Then he went to his room, and Alli, Kai, Janelle, and Aisha came home from the movies, so we hung in Alli's room until 2:30.

Saturday, I hung out at home until 5ish, then I headed to Alelendale to meet Danielle, Chelsea and Erin. However, everyone was in the hall and distracted me with talk of burgerking and trips to Holland. Went to game and sat with Erin. We had hotdogs; no hotchocolate yet. We won, like 49 to 21. It was fricken freezing, so we didn't stay till the end. I went home and fell asleep.

SUnday, woke up around noon and made pancakes. Opened my door and did some homework. Hung with Bethanie for a bit, then more homework, then hung with sean. He gave me a joker toy. He's such a sweetie. He had to go to the Mac lab, so he left and I watched a french movie, then hung with Bethanie some more. More homework, made dinner, then went downstairs to do laundry. Kai was doing laundry too, then Sean showed up and we ditched our laundry in the dryer and neglected the rest of reading to walk around downtown with them. Tried to find somewhere to eat. We found a ton of clubs, and a bondage shop, and some weird people. Talked about first impressions and weird things. Visited a church that looked pretty and had a gay flag. Then we went and got pizza and came home around 11. HUng in Janelle's room with Aisha, Zack, Sean,Kai and Wes. DId the crank dat dance and the Kat Williams club dance. Showed them technoboyjustin. We were very loud and got yelled at. Ketchup and mustard.
Now I'm tired. I've got class in the morning. Bummer.
i miss you guys.