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so... yesterday sean and I talked in the morning

and we've decided that we're going on a break. Actually, I stupidly asked him if he wanted to break up, he said no, but then laid out that he needs to do some self-improvement right now. He wants to start acting like the 19 year old college student, with a job, and his shit straight. He needs to stop being selfish and be a good brother, and friend, and boyfriend. He sayd that he isn't fair to me; he does things I have a big problem with, and he explodes at me anytime I ask him to be rational about it. I never noticed these things, but he doesn't thinnk its fair for me to have to go through this.

i just want him back. He says he still loves me, he just wants to improve himself for everyone in his life and himself. I just wish he didn't have to leave me for it. He says we're still best friends, and that we can get back together when he's better, but i don't want this.

i dunno, maybe he's going to turn into the sean I'm suppose dto be with, instead of the one he is right now. i sure hope so. :(

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PLS 340- Mass Media and American POlitics
PHI 220- Asthetics Supplemental Writing Skills
PLS 103- Issues in World POlitics
LIB 320- Social Autobiography in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement

I have now finished all gen eds and am a junior.

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I am so scared for this summer. I really wish it would stopcoming so fast, because i'm not ready. This dorm is more than just a room, it's my home now, and the girl that lives next door and the boy on the other side are more than just neighbors. They're my best friends; one's the only person I've ever been this connected to.

How am i supposed to go from being able to stay until whenever, eat what i want, do what i want, sleep next to my boy, and see him every day, to only seeing him maybe once or twice a month for the next four months? I don't think i can do it. Not with the way things are

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I don't think i have ever felt more at peace with my life.
Sure, my dad yells at me for not having a job.
Zach can be a douche and he irritates sean all the time.
I've just ;earned to fuck it. Shut my mouth and take the shit but i really don't care.

Seany makes me so incredibly happy. We were looking back through eveerything and realized we've been kind of dating since mid October. I think I'm in love with him. ACtually, I'm positive I'm in love with him.


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you guys were right.
I absolutely love rachel.
I got to meet her last night.
She's just protective because a lot of girls have screwed over her big brother, and they're really close.

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so, i finally, official have a title.
Unfortunately, my boyfriend's little sister hates my guts and thinks it's disgusting.
she actually said that when she saw a picture of us kissing, she wanted to vomit.
that's just great.

fuck my life.

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Sean and i are kind of like dating.
no titles, or anything. and we don't call it dating.
he's my sweetheart; boything; babe
he calls me wife, m'lady; the missus.
lindsay said we're so cute it's sick.

I've been sick for about a week.
He's been taking care of me.
It's odd, i haven't let someone take care of me sick since i was like, seven years old.
He treats me like a freaking princess.
We're spending the weekend at home, so if anyone is going to be in the heights, ring me up and we'll see if you can meet him.

(no subject) last exam is next tuesday at 6 at night.
I could technically come home wednesday.
But I'm probably not coming home until the following thursday.
I don't know why.